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Medical test for Canada visa in Nigeria

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If you will be staying in Canada for more than 6 months, you are required to do a medical test for Canada visa if you are applying from Nigeria. This medical test is called Immigration Medical Exam (IME), and it is used by the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to determine if you are medically qualified to be granted a Canadian visa. 

Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, you can do your medical exam before or after applying for your visa with a panel physician. If you are applying for a student, visitors or workers visa, you can complete your medical test before applying for your visa. But if you are applying for a permanent residence visa, and you are sponsored by someone, you have to wait till you are instructed to go for your medical screening after submitting your application.

If you complete your medical test before applying for your visa, upload the IMM 1017B upfront medical report form you were given by the doctor after your medical examination when submitting your application online.

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Approved hospitals for Canada medical in Nigeria

Medical tests for your Canada visa application should be done in only hospitals approved by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), else your results will not be valid for your visa application and your application will be denied. The result of your medical examination will be sent directly to the IRCC through eMedical by the doctor. If they haven’t been approved by the IRCC, they cannot send your result to the IRCC.

In Nigeria, there are only two states where you can do your medical test for Canada visa application- Lagos and Abuja. 

Where can I do Canada Medical in Lagos?

Q-Life family clinic and the IOM Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC) are the only approved hospitals where you can do Canada visa application medical tests in Lagos. 

These hospitals have panel physicians that have been approved by the IRCC to conduct the necessary tests required for your Canada visa application. 

See their address and contact details below.

  1. Q-life family clinic
Address Contact details
155A Prince Ade Odedina St, Victoria Island 101244 E-mail:





+ 234-8113975433
+ 234 8099742000


2. IOM Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC)

Address Contact details
Number 1, Isaac John St, (corner of Oduduwa way), GRA. Ikeja. Email address: iomlagosmedicalbooking@iom.int


+234(0) 807 219 1112
+234(0) 802 226 4059
+234(0) 909 215 6079

MyMedical (iom.int)


Medical centre for Canada visa application in Abuja

In Abuja, the only approved centre is the IOM MHAC.

Address Contact details
No. 55 Hassan Musa Katsina Road, Asokoro, Abuja  Email:



+234807 219 1122
+23480 9563 7898
+23480 8522 1427
+234703 289 8491

MyMedical (iom.int)

According to the information on the Government of Canada website, the above discussed clinics are the only approved centres to visit for your immigration medical exams (IME) when applying for your visa to Canada. I understand that there are websites/ blogs that say you can do it elsewhere, but it’s better to go with what the Government of Canada advises.

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How much does Canada immigration medical exam cost in Nigeria?

Canada visa medical test fee cost differs according to the age range of the applicant. 

Age range Screening Fee (N)
0 – 4 Detailed medical history

Full history examination

5 – 10 Detailed medical history

Full history examination


11 – 14 Detailed medical history

Full history examination

Chest X-ray


15 and above Detailed medical history

Full history examination

Serum Creatinine

Chest X-ray




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How to book medical appointment for Canada visa in Nigeria

You can schedule an appointment for your medical examination by phone, mail, online or in-person. If you scroll up to the section after the introduction of this article, you’ll find where I wrote IOM and Q-Life Family clinic’s contact details. You can call or email them. But I think it will be faster for you to book your appointment online. 

If you applied for your visa already, and you received a letter from the IRCC informing you to go for your medicals, then let the clinic know so you can be prioritised.
To schedule an appointment with the IOM online, visit: IOM website.
Click here to schedule an appointment with Q-life Clinic online.

You’ll find that before securing a date, you have to provide a couple of simple details and make payment. 

How to pay for Canada Medical Test in Nigeria

You can pay either through online bank transfer or bank deposit. If you are paying in the bank, ensure you collect your deposit slip. If you’ll pay online, print out your receipt. You’ll need to go to the medical centre with your proof of payment when going for your medical screening.

See IOM’s account details below:

Name of the Bank: Standard Chartered Bank
Account Holder: International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Account Number: 0001855256
Sort Code: 068080017

You’ll find the payment instructions for Q-life family clinic when booking your appointment online. I’d recommend you have your card handy when you want to schedule your appointment because you will lose your slot if you don’t pay within one hour.

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Documents required for Canada medical test

When going for your medical examination, go with the following documents

  1. Valid form of ID, your original passport preferably. If your passport is with the Canadian Immigration authorities, you can go with your National ID card or a photocopy of the bio data page of your international passport.
  2. Medical report copy concerning any current or previous medical condition (if applicable)
  3. Referral letter with Immigration Medical Exam number or ICU numbers (if available)  
  4. Eyeglasses, contact lens and/or hearing aids (if you use any of them)
  5. Payment receipt. If you paid online, print out the receipt.
  6. List/ details of your medications (if applicable)
  7. Previous chest x-rays (if you have)

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Frequently asked questions:

What happens if you fail Canada medical exam?

The IRCC will send you a letter explaining why it believes you are medically inadmissible into Canada. You can respond to make them believe otherwise by providing more information about your health status/ treatment status. Click here to see examples of the information you can provide the IRCC with when responding. You’ll need to respond soon before a final decision is made on your application.

Can I get Canada visa without medical test?

This depends on the duration of your stay and if you’d be working during your visit to Canada. If you will be staying for less than 6 months, you don’t need a medical test. But if you’d be working and your work requires that you have close contact with people such as the jobs listed here: jobs that require medical exam for Canada visa, then you need a medical test.

What diseases are inadmissible to Canada?

You could be denied Canada visa if you have active pulmonary tuberculosis, untreated syphilis, brain disorder that can lead to violent behaviour, etc.

Read more on Canada medical inadmissibility.

How long does Canada visa medical take?

The medical screening lasts between 3 -5 hours.

How long is the medical test result valid for?

It is valid for 1 year.

Can I reschedule my appointment after booking?

Yes, you can. 

How long does Canadian visa take after medical exam?

There’s no exact time duration. It could take days, weeks or even months. Also, the type of visa you apply for influences how long you have to wait to hear from the IRCC after your medicals.

What is the next step after medical for Canada visa? 

Upon completing your medical examination, the panel physician will send the results to the IRCC. On your part, there isn’t much you can do apart from watch and pray. When the IRCC makes a decision on your application, you will receive an email with further instructions on what to do, if any.

How do I know if I passed my medical exam in Canada?

To check the status of your medical exams, log in to your IRCC account.

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