July 15, 2024
How much you need to budget for a trip to Ghana from Nigeria

Ghana is a beautiful country that holds lots of memories for me because it was the first place I went on vacation outside Nigeria. I have visited a couple of other countries since visiting Ghana, but so far, it remains my favourite travel destination. I spent 14 days and 13 nights there, and let me tell you, I had the ultimate vacation experience all through my stay. 

In this article, I am going to give you a cost breakdown of how much I spent during my 2-week vacation to Ghana and some tips on how you can save money. So, if you’d like to travel to Ghana from Nigeria this year and you are wondering how much to budget for your trip, keep reading. 

N.B.: This article is only intended as a guide. I travelled to Ghana in 2022. The prices of things have changed between then and now. Please, confirm the current exact cost of things when budgeting for your trip. 


You can travel to Ghana by road or air. 

I travelled by air to Ghana and my return ticket cost N270,000. I used Air Peace Airline. The trick to getting cheap flight tickets is to buy your ticket months ahead of your intended departure date. I got mine 2 months before my trip.

It was a night flight and in 40 minutes, I arrived in Ghana with officials telling me Akwaaba left and right😁. I got an Airport taxi that took me to my accommodation for 100 Cedis.

If you’d like to travel via road to Ghana, it’s best to use renowned public transportation like GUO, GIG, EFEX and ABC transportation. These companies have a great track record for travelling cross country.

If you’re travelling via road, you’ll have to get to Lagos first and board a vehicle going straight to Accra, Ghana.

GUO and GIG have parks in Iyana Ipaja and Jibowu and it costs 70,000 per person. It’s best to book your ticket a day before your trip and arrive at the park as early as 5 am. Drive time from Nigeria to Accra is 12 hours.

One of the benefits of travelling by road to Ghana from Nigeria is that your passport will be stamped three times. To get to Ghana, you’ll pass the Seme-Krake border, Hilla Conjin border (Togo border) and Aflao border (Ghana border), you’ll be stamped into each of these countries and out of these countries on your way back to Nigeria. If you’ve read the article I wrote on how to travel to Benin Republic from Nigeria on a budget, you’ll understand why this is a big deal.

Cost of in-country transportation

Moving around Ghana is pretty easy. For tours within Accra, it’s best to use the Bolt app. For tours outside Accra, it’s best to get a private car or use public transportation. I spent a total of ₵600 on transportation around Ghana.

Stamping my passport

I proceeded to the immigration section at the airport after checking in my bags and the officer stamped me out of Nigeria. On arrival in Ghana, my passport was stamped indicating my entry into Ghana. Unlike when I travelled to Benin-Republic, I didn’t pay any money at any of these points.

When travelling via road to Ghana, you’ll also not pay any money as the driver would be in charge of taking your passport to the immigration officers at the different borders and ensuring it is stamped.

Changing my Naira to Cedis

The currency used in Ghana is the Cedis (₵). Before heading to Ghana, I contacted my friend who is a Ghanaian and told him the amount I needed. If you have USD (Dollars), it is best to use it for your trip to Ghana- considering the current state of the Naira.

Currently, $1 = 12 Cedis

And N1,000 = 9.5 Cedis

A lot of exchangers in Ghana no longer accept Naira. To avoid being stranded, you can change your money to dollars before your trip. (I know a money changer that collects naira. You can send me a message on Facebook if you’d like to have the person’s contact. 


I decided to try out an Airbnb and a Resort during my vacation in Ghana.

In Ghana, Airbnb isn’t what most of us would qualify as “affordable”. So if you’re travelling solo and on a budget, I suggest you use a hotel. This will also save you some money on food because most hotels give complimentary breakfast. Hotel prices range from as low as ₵200 to as high as ₵2000.

Finding an Airbnb that gives me the feel of a hotel was very important to me. I was super excited when I found WashingtonCourt Apartments. It has great views, gives a home-like feeling and it is affordable.

I spent 4 nights in this accommodation. Their rooms go from ₵600 – ₵1,620 ($50-$135). I stayed in a shared 2-bedroom apartment. At ₵450/ night, it cost me ₵1800 for the 4 nights.

After my stay at Washington Court Apartments, I spent 2 nights in a beach resort in Ankobra, called Ankobra Bridge Resort.

This resort was the highlight of my trip. Gosh! It was so beautiful. The rooms, the beach view, the breakfast buffet, the hospitable resort staff, the beachside dinner experience. Everything was perfect!

The resort is 6 hours away from Accra. I stayed here because I planned to tour the Cape Coast. A night costs ₵500 ($40). For the remaining 7 nights, I stayed at my friend’s, and I didn’t pay anything. 

Exploring Ghana: Places I visited

I got a first-hand experience of Detty December in Ghana and it made me confirm why the country attracts thousands of tourists globally. I think that’s the best time to visit Ghana. Things can be a little more expensive but the fun is unlimited.

If you want to have the best of each day, please leave your accommodation on time because you don’t want to spend half of your day sitting in traffic.

There are countless tourist attractions and hidden gems to explore in Ghana, but here are some of the places I visited:

Western Region 

This region is about a 6-hour drive from Accra. I visited Cape Coast, a historical landmark in Ghana. This place evoked lots of emotions for me as we got to hear the story of the slavery that happened years back. To access this place, I paid ₵100. The fee covered the cost of a tour guide.

Fort Apollonia

This was another historical attraction in the Western Region. The Fort is beautiful and a great place to take pictures. The access fee was FREE!

Nzulezo community

In the Western Region, I also got to visit the Nzulezo community; a community on water. I loved the experience that came with this particular community. It’s a must-visit location in the Western Region.

To get to the community, you’ll have to board a boat that takes you there. The access fee and boat ride was ₵50.

Lou Moon Resort

I also went on a boat cruise at Lou Moon Resort. Gosh! This place is gorgeous! The boat cruise costs ₵120 per person.

Accra City tour

Black Star Square

Budget for a Vacation to Ghana from Nigeria

I visited the Black Star Square. This is a famous landmark in Ghana that indicates you’ve truly visited Ghana😅. Entrance is free! After exploring Black Star Square and taking lots of pictures, I drove to…

Makola Market

This is one of the biggest markets in Ghana.

You can get beautiful items and Ghana-made products at affordable prices here. It’s completely okay to negotiate prices with sellers when you go to buy souvenirs or gift items in this market. I got some gifts for my family and me when I went to this market. I spent ₵150 there.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

I loved the serenity of this place. I learned a lot about different trees and how old they are. The entrance fee costs ₵50. After the tour of the garden which lasted about 49 minutes, I took pictures and headed to my next stop.

Boti Waterfalls

If you ever get to visit Aburi Botanical Garden, please visit this particular tourist attraction. It’s 5 minutes from the garden. You get to experience the waterfall, a boat ride to get a closer view of the fall and take beautiful pictures. The entrance fee was ₵20/ person.


Nightlife in Accra is my favourite so far. The music, the beauty of the lounge, the dance, everything was so good!! Cloud9ine delivered 💯. Another nightlife location to try out is Bloom Bar.


If you’re looking for the perfect fine dining location, you can’t go wrong with Esuro restaurant. The rooftop view is breath-taking and I’d say the food is affordable. 

Labadi Beach

This beach is popular in Accra and comes alive at night. If you want a free beach, then Labadi is your option. You’ll have to buy drinks or food from the vendors there.

I spent 7 days touring these places and the remaining 7 days of my stay in Ghana just indoors, resting. 


Food is relatively affordable in Ghana. I spent a total of ₵600 on food.

Summary of how much I spent on my 2-week vacation to Ghana

S/NExpenseCost (N)Cost (₵)
1.Flight ticket (return ticket)270,000
2.Transport from the airport to my accommodation100
3. Accommodation for 7 nights2800
5.In-country transportation600
6.Souvenirs and gifts150
Travel cost breakdown of how much I spent when I travelled to Ghana for vacation.

What do you need to go to Ghana from Nigeria?

As a Nigerian, you need the following documents to visit Ghana:

  1. Passport

If you are travelling by air, you need a valid Nigerian passport or ECOWAS passport. However, if you’re travelling by road, your ID card would suffice.

  1. Yellow Card

This is a compulsory travel document if you’re visiting Ghana- whether by road or air. It shows you have been vaccinated for yellow fever. You can get it done at any port health centre in Nigeria. It cost N2,800 (at the time I did mine).

FAQS on How to Budget for a Trip to Ghana from Nigeria

Can I travel from Nigeria to Ghana without a passport?

Yes, you can visit Ghana without a passport. However, you’ll pay more when booking your ticket. If you have an ID card like a NIN or voter card, you will pay 75,000. If you don’t have an ID card, you will pay N95,000.

How many hours is Lagos to Ghana

Drive time from Lagos to Ghana is about 12 hours. If you are going by air, it is about an hour.

Can I use my NIN to travel to Ghana?

Yes, you can.

Is Ghana visa-free for Nigerians?

Yes, it is. Ghana and Nigeria are both part of the ECOWAS. Citizens of countries in ECOWAS don’t need a visa to visit other member states.

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