April 20, 2024
how to get ECOWAS passport in Nigeria

An ECOWAS passport is a travel document that is issued by the states (countries) that make up ECOWAS. ECOWAS stands for Economic Community of West African States. As a citizen of any of the countries that make up this community, you can travel to other ECOWAS countries without an international passport or a visa if you have an ECOWAS passport. Currently, fifteen (15) countries make up ECOWAS. This means that as a Nigerian, you can travel to any of the other 14 countries with just your ECOWAS passport. Getting an ECOWAS passport in Nigeria is easy and fast. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can get it. 

How can I get an ECOWAS passport from Nigeria?

  1. Ensure you have all the documents needed

For your ECOWAS passport (also known as ECOWAS travel certificate) application to be processed, there are a couple of documents you need to present. I will shortly discuss what these documents are.

  1. Visit the immigration office in your state

You can get an ECOWAS passport from any of the immigration offices in Nigeria. You don’t have to travel to Lagos or Abuja to get an ECOWAS travel certificate.

  1. Fill the form

When you get to the immigration office, tell the immigration officer what you are there for. You will be given a form to fill. On the form, you will be asked for information such as your personal information, residential address, next of kin, address of next of kin, etc. Kindly fill this form with the required information accurately. 

  1. Make payment and submit the filled form alongside the required documents.

What are the requirements for ECOWAS passport?

Picture of ECOWAS travel certificate

According to Nigeria Immigration Service, below are the documents required for ECOWAS travel certificate.

  • Three(3) recent 4 x 4 cm colored passport photographs.
  • Evidence of age (birth certificate or statutory declaration of age).
  • Letter of Introduction from Employer (for salaried workers only).
  • Letter of confirmation of Nigerian Citizenship from your Local Government Chairman.
  • For students and Trainee applicants: Letter of introduction from the head of your institution accepting Immigration Responsibility (IR).

A couple of people who did theirs recently said they were asked for just their passport photographs and NIN or Nigerian passport (because before getting your NIN or passport, you have to provide the other documents). However, you may also be asked to provide the other documents during your application. So to be safe, go with them.

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FAQs on How to get ECOWAS passport in Nigeria

How much does ECOWAS passport cost?

It costs twenty-five thousand naira (N25,000).

Is ECOWAS passport same as international passport?

No, ECOWAS passport or ECOWAS travel certificate is not the same as international passport. 

What is the difference between ECOWAS passport and international passport?

The difference between these two passports is that with ECOWAS passport you can travel to only countries that make up ECOWAS. But with your international passport, you can travel to any country if you have a valid visa.

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Can I use my ECOWAS passport to travel to Ghana?

Yes, you can. Ghana is a member state of the ECOWAS, so you can use this travel certificate to travel to Ghana from Nigeria.

How long does it take to get ECOWAS passport?

A few hours. You can get the passport within 3 – 5 hours or even less. That’s why I earlier said it is fast to get.

Where can I get ECOWAS passport in Nigeria?

You can get this passport in any of the immigration offices in any of the 36 states in Nigeria.


Getting a Nigerian passport takes some time. If you want to travel to any of the ECOWAS states and you don’t have a Nigerian passport, instead of waiting for months to get your Nigerian passport, apply for an ECOWAS travel certificate (ECOWAS passport).  

Have you applied for an ECOWAS passport in Nigeria recently? Please share what state you applied from and your experience in the comments section below. I look forward to reading from you.

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