April 20, 2024
Canada visa application fees in Nigeria and how to pay for it

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Whether for study, work, or leisure, the first step to achieving your goal of traveling to Canada from Nigeria is knowing how much it will cost.  In calculating the costs, part of what you have to budget for is your visa application fee. So to help you get your budgeting right, I will be discussing how much Canada visa application fee in Nigeria cost and how to pay.

How much is Canada Visa Application Fee in Nigeria?

The fee for Canada visa application depends on the type of visa you are applying for. Let’s take a look at the different types of Canada visas available in Nigeria and the application fee for each. 

Canadian student visa fee in Nigeria

To get a student visa to Canada, you have to apply for a study permit. This document permits you to study at a designated learning institutions (DLIs) in Canada. The fee for a study permit application is CAD 150.

If you lose your status as a student and need to apply for it to be restored, the total you’ll have to pay is CAD 379– CAD 229 for restoration and CAD 150 for the study permit. But this applies to people already in Canada. 

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Canada work permit visa fee in Nigeria 

Just as Canada visa applicants looking to travel to Canada for studies have to apply for a study permit, applicants traveling to Canada to work have to apply for a work permit. A work permit is a legal document that allows you to lawfully seek work, obtain employment, and make an income in Canada.

The cost of applying for a work permit depends on the type as there are two types of work permit. 

i. Employer-specific work permit

This type of work permit allows you to work in Canada but under the conditions stated on your work permit. The conditions could be that you can only work under a certain employer, for a limited time frame, or only within a certain location. 

This permit costs CAD 155.

ii. Open work permit

 An open work permit is, in a way, the opposite of an employer-specific permit. It allows the applicant to work for any employer as long as the employer is compliant. An open restricted permit may limit the occupation or area, but not the employer. If you’ve graduated from a designated learning institution as an international student, you might qualify for an open work permit through the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.

An open work permit costs CAD 100.

To restore your status as a worker and get a new work permit, it costs CAD 384.

Canada visitor visa fee in Nigeria

For those planning a short-term visit to Canada either for business, tourism or to visit a loved one, what you need to apply for is a visitor visa.  The fee is CAD 100 for an individual applicant and CAD 500 for a family of five. It also costs CAD 100 to apply to extend your stay as a visitor.

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Cost of Transit visa

A Canada transit visa is an official document stamped in your passport, indicating your eligibility to transit through a Canadian airport for up to 48 hours. A transit visa is free.

Cost of temporary resident permit

If for some reason, you are inadmissible to travel to Canada but have a valid travel reason, you may be able to get a temporary resident permit. Canada temporary resident permit costs CAD 229.77.

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Cost of Canada Business Visa

Canada is receptive to entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. That is why it introduced the Start-up visa program. So if you are an entrepreneur interested in starting a business in Canada you are encouraged to apply for a Start-up visa. It costs CAD 2,140 in total- CAD 1,625 for the visa processing fee and CAD 515 for the permanent residence fee.

If your partner/ spouse is applying with you, his/ her processing fee would cost CAD 850. The permanent residence fee is also CAD 515. In total, that would be CAD 1365 for your partner. Applying with your children comes with an additional CAD 230 per child.

How much is Canada biometric fee in Nigeria? 

Canada’s biometric fee in Nigeria, which is different from the visa application fee, is CAD 85. 

Canada requires people from certain countries, including Nigeria, to provide biometric information as part of their immigration screening and security procedures. However, if you’ve previously applied for a Canada visa and submitted biometrics, you may be exempt from providing them again if it’s still valid. 

Summary of Canada Visa Application Fee in Nigeria Naira

Below are the official* Canada visa application fees in Nigeria in naira and CAD for different visa categories.

Visa type Fee (N)    Fee (CAD)         
Study Permit 82,400 150
Visiting visa (including super visa) 54,950 100
Visiting visa for family of 5 or more applying together 274,750 500
Work permit (individual applicant) 85,150 155
Open work permit holder 54,950 100
Work permit for group of 3 or more performing artistes applying together 255,450 465
Biometrics 46,700 85
Biometrics for family of 2 or more applying together 93,400 170
Biometrics for group of 3 or more performing artistes applying together 140,100 255

* N.B.: It is the Canadian government (not black market) that determines the Canadian dollar (CAD) to Naira (N) exchange rate for Canada visa application fee and other related services. The current exchange rate is 549.50/ CAD.

However, considering that the cards used for making international payments from Nigeria are US Dollar cards and there’s nothing like ‘CBN rate’ anymore, you will spend more than the above-listed prices to fund your dollar card and pay for your visa application in naira. But if you pay at the Visa Application Centre, VSF Global, you should be able to pay at the official Canadian government rate as that’s the rate the centre uses. Additional service charges may apply.

How to pay for Canada Visa fee in Nigeria 

You can either pay,

  1. Online, on the IRCC website using your debit card, or 
  2. In-person at the Visa Application Centre (VAC), VFS Global, via bank transfer or POS.

How much is VFS service fee in Nigeria?

VFS offers different services and their charge for each service differs. You can look through their charge for the different services they render here: VFS service fee in Nigeria. 

Frequently asked questions on Canada visa application fee in Nigeria

How long does it take to get a Canadian visa from Nigeria?  

The average processing time for a visiting visa is 121 days, 8 weeks for a student visa, and up to 13 weeks for a work permit. You can click here to check the average processing time of other visa types: Canada visa processing time.

Will my biometric money be refunded if my visa application is denied? 

No, you will not be refunded.

Is the biometric cost required for children?  

Yes. Biometrics fees apply to all Canada visa applicants, regardless of age. 

Is it possible to pay the visa and biometric fees online? 

Yes, Canada encourages online payment of visa and biometric costs to speed up application processing.


Understanding the Canada visa application procedure, including fees and biometric requirements, contributes to the success of your visa application.  Always check the official Canada website to stay abreast of any changes in cost of visa application. Best wishes on your visa application!

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