June 19, 2024
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Just like every other international passport, the Nigerian international passport is an internationally recognized document for traveling and personal identification. As a citizen of any country, you should have an international passport. You don’t have to wait till you have plans of traveling abroad before you get an international passport. 

In this article, you will learn how to apply for your Nigerian international passport (without having any ‘connection’ at the Nigerian Immigration), how to get your local government identification (which is one of the documents required for your application) and how to track your passport application. So read till the end.

Step-by-step guide on how to get your Nigerian International Passport

The Nigerian Immigration Service is the body in charge of international passport issuance. To apply for your international passport you have to start your application process online to submit your profile data before visiting their office physically to complete the process. To do this;

  1. Visit the passport application page of the Nigerian Immigration Service online portal. Tap here to access it. 
  2. Tap on ‘Applying for fresh passport’ if you are applying for a passport for the first time, or choose the ‘renew/ re-issue passport option if you’ve gotten a passport before but it has expired or it’s missing.
  3. Fill in the required details then tap on continue to proceed. 
  4. On the next page, you’ll have to fill in your personal details, then tap on continue to proceed to the next page.
  5. You’ll be further required to provide your contact information and next of kin details. After filling in your next of kin details, your application number and reference ID will be generated. 
  6. When you’re done filling these, submit the application then proceed to make payment. 
  7. Print your completed application form.
  8. Download and print the guarantor’s form as well. Here’s the link to the guarantor’s form >>> Passport Guarantor Form | Nigerian Immigration Services <<<
  9. Go to the passport office with the required documents for submission and capturing. Go with your acknowledgment slip and evidence of payment as well

    N.B.: Your guarantor must be someone with a valid Nigerian international passport. He/ she will sign your guarantor’s form and provide you with a photocopy of his/her passport photograph and international passport bio-data page.

The Commissioner of Oaths also has to sign your guarantor’s form. If you can’t confirm if there’s a Commissioner of Oaths office in the passport center you want to use, go to a high court and ask how you can get the signature or stamp of the Commissioner of Oaths.

Documents required for Nigerian International Passport Application

  1. Local Government letter of identification.
  2. Birth certificate / age declaration.
  3. 2 recent color passport photographs
  4. Guarantor’s form (if you are renewing your passport, you won’t need this)
  5. Letter of consent from your parent (if you are under 16 years)
  6. Marriage certificate (for married people)
  7. Police report (in the case of lost/ stolen passport)
  8. Completed passport application form

How to Get Local Government identification in Nigeria

One of the documents required for your Nigerian passport application process is your local government ID. If you don’t have one, you don’t have to travel to your state of origin to get it. To get your local government ID;

  1. Locate a local government office around you. A quick Google search will help you find the one closest to you.
  2. When you get there, make your way to where the local government identification certificates are issued.
  3. Fill out the form you’ll be given correctly, and attach 2 recent passport photographs.
  4. Pay and wait for your ID. It should be issued within minutes. 

How to Track Your Passport Application

After your interview and capture at the Nigerian Immigration office, you’ll be given a document (paper) that contains your bio-data and the date to expect your passport.

From my experience and the experience of a lot of people I know, the date written on that document(paper) may not be the date your passport will be ready. It could come out later than the date written there. So instead of visiting the immigration office in vain, track your passport application online. 

To track your Nigerian international passport application,

i. Go to Nigeria Immigration Service | Passport Application Tracking,

ii. Input your reference and application number, then follow the prompts. 

They ought to send you an SMS and mail when your passport is ready. But I won’t advise you to bank on that. Track your passport application yourself.

How much is Nigerian International Passport in 2022?

The fee you’ll pay for your passport depends on the number of pages and duration of the passport.

Pages Years Amount (N)
32 5 25,000
64 5 35,000
64 10 70,000


Other things to keep in mind when applying for your international passport

Be patient with the process

You may need to spend hours when you go to the immigration office for submission and capturing. So be mentally and physically prepared. Eat and go with food if you can’t endure hunger for long.

Also, you may have to be patient when waiting for your passport as it could take months for it to be ready. Passport booklets aren’t always available, and this affects passport processing. This is why I advise you to get your passport before you need it.

Check your details to be sure they are correct when applying. 

When filling out your application, check everything you’ve filled in before submitting it. Correcting errors made when applying for your passport is a tedious process. You’ll feel unhappy with yourself if you make an avoidable error when filling out your passport application. There’s nothing like a ‘minor’ mistake. Even something as seemingly little as the absence of a hyphen in your name (if your name is hyphenated) could be stressful to correct.

When you go to the capturing room, listen attentively when the immigration officer reads out your information so you can make corrections if there’s a need to. Don’t press your phone or allow yourself to be distracted by anything.

For other information regarding the Nigerian International passport, visit the official Nigerian Immigration website.

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