June 19, 2024
tuberculosis test for UK visa application

A tuberculosis test for UK visa application is a requirement if you are applying from Nigeria or Benin, and you will be staying in the UK for more than 6 months. Although a tuberculosis test can be done in many hospitals in Nigeria, there are only four (4) UK-approved tuberculosis test centers in Nigeria. In other words, a test result from a medical center aside from any of these two will NOT be recognized during your UK visa application. (Residents of Benin have to travel to Nigeria for their TB tests as there are no UK-approved test centers in Benin.)

To help you through the process, in this article, I am going to discuss how you can apply for a tuberculosis test for a UK visa application in Nigeria, the approved test clinics, and how much the test costs.  

First, let’s discuss where you can get your tuberculosis test done in Nigeria for your UK visa application. 

Meanwhile, if you’ll be applying for your UK visa from Zimbabwe, click here to read how to apply for your TB test certificate from Zimbabwe.

UK Home Office approved Tuberculosis test centres in Nigeria

There used to be only two UK-approved TB test centres in Nigeria. Three more have recently been added, making them five. The 5 test centres are located in Abuja, Benin and Lagos.

Abuja Tuberculosis test centre for UK visa application address

Contact details  Address Account details
+234 (0) 09 460 58400
+234 (0) 01 465 6600
+234(0) 809 563 7898
+234 (0) 0808 522 1427
+234 (0) 0703 289 8491Email: iomabujamedicalbooking@iom.intWebsite:
Migration Health Assessment Centre
International Organisation for Migration (IOM)No. 55 Hassan Musa Katsina Road
Standard Chartered BankAccount name: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Account number: 0001847002

Sort code: 068080017

IOM Benin Tuberculosis test centre for UK Visa

Address Contact details Operating hours
No 1 Frederick Ilekhuoba Close.

Off Boundary Road, GRA, Benin City.

Call centre number:
01 465 6600/ 09 460 58400 (Land line)Phone number:
+234(0) 09035428400Email:
Mon – Thurs:
8am –  5:30pmFriday:
8am – 12pm

Lagos Tuberculosis test centre for UK visa application address

Contact details  Address Account details
Phone numbers:
+234(0) 8022264059
+234(0) 09 092156079
+234(0) 09 099991256Email: iomlagosmedicalbooking@iom.intWebsite:
Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC)

No. 1 Isaac John Street
G.R.A. Ikeja

Bank: Standard Chartered Bank

Account name: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Account number: 0001855256

Sort code: 068080017

Click here to get started with scheduling your Tuberculosis test. 

Q-Life Family Clinic

Contact details  Address Account details
Phone numbers:
+234 8099742000
+234 8113975433Email: ukmedicals@qlifefamilyclinic.com
customercare@qlifefamilyclinic.comWebsite: https://www.qlifefamilyclinic.com
Plot 155a Prince Ade Odedina Street,
Off Sinari Daranijo Street. Victoria Island.
Contact the clinic for account details.

St Nicholas

Contact details Address Account details
+234 80 2290 8484
+234 127 19690Email:
57 Campbell Street
Lagos Island, Lagos State.
Bank: Union Bank of Nigeria

Account name: St. Nicholas Hospital Limited

Account number: 0062451522
Sort code: 032154131

The Consultants Practice

Contact details  Address Account details
Email: admin@consultantspractice.com

Website: https://www.consultantspractice.com

25 Raymond Njoku Street

Off Awolowo road, Ikoyi. Lagos

Bank name: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account name: The Consultants Practice

Account number: 0106679587 USD
0112714630 Naira

Sort code: 058152081

If you're applying for a Tuberculosis test certificate as part of your UK study visa requirements, you may want to read this article. It discusses how you can apply for a UK study visa from Nigeria yourself.

Guideline for applying for Tuberculosis test in Nigeria for UK Visa

The process of applying for a tuberculosis test involves choosing a center from the UK-approved clinics, scheduling an appointment, making payment, taking the test, and collecting your result afterward.

How to Schedule an Appointment for Tuberculosis Test

When you contact the clinic of your choice, specify that the test is for your UK visa application process. If you will be using the Migration Health Assessment Centres, you can book your tuberculosis test via email or on the International Organization for Migration’s website. You will be required to:

  • Select the country of departure and where you’ll be traveling to
  • preferred screening centre
  • preferred screening date
  • provide a couple of other details, and
  • make payment to schedule an appointment.

For Q-Life Family Clinic and The Consultants Practice, you can call or send a mail to schedule an appointment and make inquiries. Remember to tell them your want to do a tuberculosis test for UK visa application.

How Much is Tuberculosis Test for UK visa in Nigeria?

Tuberculosis test fee depends on age and clinic. See the table below to know how much each clinic charges. 

Age Q-Life family clinic IOM Lagos and Abuja St. Nicholas Hospital The Consultants practise
11+ N46,500 N79,800 N60,000 Contact the clinic
10 and below N20,000 N38,700 N30,000 Contact the clinic

The rate for reprinting of certificate at IOM is N13,600.

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How to pay for IOM Tuberculosis Test Fee

When paying for your tuberculosis test fee, use your international passport number as a reference. Make payment to only the clinic’s approved bank details. I have earlier written the bank details for each clinic (except Q-life Family Clinic’s as you’ll have to contact them for their account details).

When going for your tuberculosis test, go with your proof of payment (your transfer receipt or deposit slip) and your international passport.

Who is Exempt from Doing a TB test?

Not everyone applying for a UK visa from Nigeria or Benin must do a TB test. The following categories of people are exempt from presenting a TB test result certificate when applying:

  1. Diplomatic passport holders traveling on official business or on a posting to the UK
  2. People who qualify for an exempt visa
  3. People applying for a certificate of entitlement

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Questions people also ask

How long does the TB test certificate last?

TB test certificate for UK visa application becomes null after 6 months. If you don’t apply for your visa within 6 months of getting your TB test certificate, you will have to schedule and pay for another test.

When will my TB test certificate be ready for collection after the test?

You can collect your TB test certificate the same day you do your test if you do a chest x-ray. It is usually ready for collection within 6 hours of doing the test. However, if you do a sputum smear, it could take up to 8 weeks.

How much is TB test in Naira in Nigeria?

Q-life family clinic charges N46,500 and N20,000 for applicants aged 11 years and above and below 11 years respectively. In St. Nicholas hospital, the fee is N60,000 for applicants 11 years and above and N30,000 for applicants below 11 years.

Can I enter UK with expired TB test certificate?

You can enter the UK with expired TB certificate. However, for you to get a visa, your TB test certificate must be valid at the time of making your visa application. If the certificate expires before you travel, after getting your visa, you don’t need to do another TB test.

What happens if I test positive for TB?

If one tests positive for TB, it means the person is medically inadmissible and so he/ she will not be able to apply for UK visa until the person gets treated, takes the test again and tests negative for TB. This could take up to 6  months.

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  1. Hello I have been trying to book online for my kids tb test. But eveytime I resgiter i don’t get a verification mail. Want can I do?

  2. Hi there, so St Nicholas Hospital is also listed on the UK government website. I did the rest there and my appointment is on Friday. Now I hear it won’t be accepted because it’s not from IOM. My question is, is this really true and what can I do about it.

    1. Hi. If the hospital/ clinic is listed on UK government website as an accredited hospital for TB tests for UK visa applications, then it should be accepted. IOM clinics used to be the only clinics for the test (which is probably why the person that told you it won’t be accepted told you that). But more clinics have been added recently.

      Good luck with your application.

    2. Hi would appreciate it if I got a feedback on how your application later went.was the TB test from St Nicholas accepted?planning to do mine there or at qlife.

        1. Thanks for this Information… My question is this I intend to travel with my wife and kids to the UK can I do my TB test while thay do there’s on a leter date note we are applying for a family Visa

  3. Hello I have been trying to book online but I the website not open.
    I also got and information that I cannot reach them by calling and even though I called they might not pick my call. I want to know how true is that

  4. Very informative content, thank you for sharing. Please I need to know, can one apply with a 7 in English Language but have a 6 in English literature. Thank you.

    1. Hi Mary,

      I don’t understand your question. Could you rephrase it? You don’t need an English language result to apply for TB test.

  5. Hi everyone,
    Pls, If I want to pay for TB test to IOM bank account through mobile fund transfer, where do I enter Sort code and Reference ID

      1. How much is it please ,I couldn’t complete my registration although I already got the date for 13th but the mail won’t complete it .Can I just pay and go there since I got the date already

        1. Pls how did u went about the payment, because I’m actually experiencing the same issue you had bfr…….please advise . thank u,my name is segun.

      2. Hello Amaka, good morning.pls I have been trying to book online for the test. But is not working. What can I do pls?

      3. Pls I need clarification, did you say the test is not needed for a ul visitors visa?
        I want to apply for a 6 months visa, and I am going to be in uk for only one month. Do I need to do the test.

        1. You need TB test if you are staying more than 6 months in UK so in your case, you don’t need it

      4. I made a payment to IOM account since June 12, my status is still showing unpaid and no appointments recorded. kindly advise and also how to unload receipt.
        Please, you can also answer via the mail below. Thank you.

        1. Hi Adebanjo,

          As far as your payment went through, even though your status is showing unpaid, go to the clinic on the date and time you chose before making payment. Go with your proof of payment and other required documents.

    1. Good day, please how I do book for appointment,is it after payment or before payment also not sure the actual price in naira maybe 57,800naira or 60,000naira.

      1. I want to travel now but my family will join me later,what do I fill in the space of family number

  6. Have been trying to book an appointment but cant pls the customer lines is not going can l have the function linescpls

  7. hello, Uzoamaka. please i have been trying to get an appointment date for my kid brother for his TB Test. kindly assists please, thanks.

      1. Uzo, I have challenges booking for my TB examination, my destination is the UK. Kindly put me through, the web is not opening

  8. Hello, I’ve been trying to book at IOM but can’t even get a date. Their helplines aren’t going through. Please what are facilities are U.K. approved for the tuberculosis test? Please help.

  9. I booked mine and 3 other family members by emailing them to schedule an appointment for me and I got my response the following day and was booked for March.
    Thank you for the prompt response. It is well appreciated

      1. Please my dear….I want to book online registration date for tuberculosis test. Which of the accredited hospital listed above would be best ?

      2. Please tell me the price here am unable to locate any article .I need the cost for TB test to United Kingdom.thanks

  10. Hi Uzoamaka. So I booked a test for 7th march, but I made a mistake in the sex, I used female instead of Male. I cancelled the appointment but I can’t book for a new one because is still telling me I still have that appointment. Should I just go for the date I cancelled?

  11. I’m trying to book an appointment for son but it’s saying the passport already exists because the one he has expired how do I go about it reschedule appointment for him

  12. Hello, please I want to book for tuberculosis test..how will I go about it ..Can u please help me with the email address.accredited lagos center pls

      1. pls i want to book for TB test for my daughter. i would like to use benin city bcos of proximity. A friend first booked her in Lagos on the 20th of august 2023, but she couldnt make it. pls kindly advice me.

        thank you

          1. Please ma’am,, is the TB test center in Benin city UK 🇬🇧 approved,, I want to be really sure about it because I live in Benin city and it would save travel costs and hotel accommodation fees for me?? So please is the one in Benin city truly UK 🇬🇧 approved??
            How will i truly know the center in Benin city is approved and will be accepted on that day of my visa approval??

          2. TB certificates issued by IOM are accepted during UK visa application. The IOM fairly recently opened a centre in Benin City, so you can use the centre there for your TB test. I know someone who did his test there as well. He got his visa and he’s in the UK. You can check IOM’s social media/ website for a list of their centres in Nigeria.

  13. I pay through my Mobil application and show the receipt through my phone and will it be accepted as evidence. Thanks
    Abuja number is not connecting and I’m find it difficult to book.

  14. Please I had my sputum test 2nd 3rd and 6th February am aware it’s 8-9weeks please how do icalculation should I add weekends when calculating per week.i want to be sure when to come for my result

  15. I tried registering online for my TB test, after I verified email, it was showing error encountered, I tried again same thing. Now I tried to register from the beginning, it was showing email already exists

  16. I don’t live in Nigeria for 7years, however. I visited last month and I spent 26days, do I need a TB test to apply UK visa ?

  17. Thank you for the informations uzoamaka.

    Please I will like to find out how long it takes to get the TB test result after being tested because you said 6hours here but I have seen some persons said 6-8 weeks some other places Thanks.

    1. The result for x-ray chest scan comes out in 6 hours. But sputum test takes 6-8 weeks. So it depends on which method was used.

  18. I am booking appointment and it get to last stage it’s reaches time limit and I can’t continue or start over again what should I do please.

  19. Please, I have booked appointment with IOM for two for 3rd of May but I cancelled it when I realized there is available slot on 26th of this month. But when I tried to reschedule another appointment, there is a pop message that say “I have appointment already booked” but it can not be traced with the appointment tracking number.
    I don’t understand why the site won’t allow me make new appointment.
    Can I made appointment with phone with IOM?

  20. Please how much is TB test..?
    Because I can only see amount in dollars in the article which I don’t understand.!
    Though I paid 57k last year June for the TB test and am not sure of the current charges.
    Please I need response.
    Thank you ????????.

    1. I wrote how much I paid in naira when I did mine in the article.

      I confirmed from someone that did his recently that the current fee is N57,800.

      1. Hello uzoamaka could you please confirm to me that you now have a branch in Benin City, Nigeria. Because I indent to book mine on Monday

          1. Hello dear, thank you so mich for the work done here in explaining with details.
            Pls is it true that if you do the test in benin it will not be accepted by UK?

          2. You’re welcome, Ezekiel. Thank you for acknowledging it.
            It will be accepted. You can also reach out to the IOM, Benin to confirm.

  21. Please how much is TB test at iom lagos, for adult and also for children below 11 years. I really need to know please

  22. I want to book an appointment for the TB test for my 2yrs kid but his passport is still in process do I have to wait till is out or I can use his Nin cos we are time sensitive

    1. After booking an appointment for the TB test, I made a transfer to the IOM but forgot to include my passport number as refrence when making the transfer

      Will this cause any problems?

      1. Certificate collection- 6 hours after examination? Even in children that will not do chest x-rays? Pls does it mean for an appointment of 9:30am,the certificate might not be ready same day?

  23. Please is International Passport the only requirement for it? I have been waiting for my CAS before I book an appointment but now I am thinking of doing so without CAD.

      1. Hello please I have been trying to book an appointment for my family TB test but I can’t find united kingdom from Nigeria, have they changed it please?

  24. Hi Uzoamaka,
    Been trying to apply for a TB test for myself and my husband to UK from Nigeria, but UK is not coming up as one of the destination options. What can I do about that pls?

  25. Pls I have been trying to book an appointment for my kids but United Kingdom is not popping up on the country of destination… Pls what do I do

  26. Can l scan the receipt/teller of payment for TB test to applicant after paying at the bank.

  27. I want to book an appointment for my TB Test, but I cant see UK on the list of selected destinations countries. Please what do I do?

    1. Pleasant evening
      Please is there any other way to book tb cos im encountering similar thing uk is not popping at all

  28. I want to confirm if the consult pratice is acceptable for the UK visa application cause I paid into their account but I am thinking of asking for a refund

    1. Yes, you can do your TB test there. The hospital was recently approved by the UK Government. So you can proceed with them.

      All the best in your application.

  29. The reply I got from tb after booking my children’s test says that I must pay before 24hrs or else, I will loose the place I secured already. But the link is saying access denied. Can they pay when they get to the center?

  30. Please am having serious issue booking an appointment I can input UK as country of my choice on d destination

  31. Ma, please hv under go this TB screening before and it will be expiring 12 June 2023 please is there any way I can extend d date or renew it since UK is not pooping up in d place of destination ma plz help me I hv limited time thanks

  32. Hello Uzo, I’ve trying to book an appointment with IOM but the drop-down for destination isn’t showing UK and the CS haven’t been picking their calls for more than 3days now.

  33. please for someone applying for UK student Visa, will St Nicholas hospital certificate be acceptable (though listed on the website) because lots are saying IOM? I want to know before its too late. Thanks.

  34. Dear Uzoamaka,

    Thank you for your article. Please I am not in Lagos and Abuja but rather in Port Harcourt and I cant see the any Centre for Port Harcourt in your article. Kindly advice, thank you.

    1. You have to travel to Lagos or Abuja to do your test. There is no approved clinic in PH for TB test for UK visa application.

  35. Greetings and salutations to all! I sincerely express my gratitude for this highly informative article. Like many others in the comments section, I too have been facing difficulties in booking an appointment with IOM. Due to my apprehensions, I have been hesitant to book it with other affiliated medical centers. While attempting to book through the alternative link provided, I discovered a discrepancy in the account information provided post booking, in comparison to that on the official IOM website. Therefore, I kindly request any individual having verified information on how to book and receive an appointment, to share their insight with us. I truly appreciate your assistance in this matter. Thank you.

    1. I’m having same issue don’t know if I should go ahead to pay but this new account clearly says Virtual account so I’m worried.

  36. Dear Uzoamaka

    I want to meet my husband(he’s still a student) in the uk and I have been trying to apply for the tb test.
    In the visa type, I’m not seeing students with dependent.
    I don’t know what visa type to pick

    Thank you

      1. Good morning
        I paid for my TB test yesterday but the status hasn’t changed, please what can I do ?
        I’ve been trying to call them but all to no avail.

        1. Pls how did you pay for the tb test I mean how did you get the acct details and the procedure

          1. Hi Kehinde,
            You can skip to the part of this article that addresses your question or tap this link: https://appointmentnigeria.iom.int/ if you want to use IOM clinic.

            If you are scheduling an online appointment with IOM, after registering, answering the questions and choosing your preferred date for the test, you will see the account number you should make payment to. After making payment, keep your proof of payment. You should also receive an email afterwards. If you need further assistance, you can send them a message on Twitter.

            God’s grace with your visa application!

  37. Hi Uzoamaka,
    I paid into this alc
    0001855256 Standard Chartered Bank IOM
    But later discovered that it is a different alc number that is from SCB also that I am to pay into, my payment isn’t reflecting yet, what can I do to rectify this please

    Thank You

  38. please while trying to fill it requested for U.k address and postal code and we could not proceed without that.

  39. Am not seeing the united kingdom as destination in the IOM website. how do i schedule an online application

  40. Good morning, I have be trying to submit my application, but it’s not available. Can I still make the payment because I have be trying to reach the customer service because those phone numbers aren’t available

  41. Good evening Amaka, I forgot to write my passport no in the reference.is that y it is pending?

  42. I booked my appointment with my wife but we didn’t include our surname rather we used only first name and middle name…..I hope I can be able to correct this when I get to Abuja?

  43. hi i booked a tuberculosis test for my wife initially and made a payment. I have decided to travel as her dependat what do i need to do to book my TB test since i am not the one going to school. Thanks in advance.

  44. My course start date is September 25th and I’m yet to receive CAS, can I still meet up with TB certificate collection?

    Thank you.

  45. Dear sir/ma, Please kindly advise, can I make use of an invalid International passport, although under process, it’s accepted for TB test registration?

    Warm regards,

      1. Hi,
        Are there other IOM centres apart from those in Lagos and Abuja for those in South South. Tnx as I expect an urgent response.

  46. Hi, for a dependent , it asked for *post code as in passport* and *address as in password*

    Is that the post code of the address I was when I did the passport or my current

  47. Hi Uzoamaka Okafor. Please, can i book my children’s tb test with their NIN because their international passports are not ready for collection. Thank you.

  48. Hi Okafor, I made a payment to IOM account for TB on 12 June 2023, but my status is still showing unpaid, and no appointments recorded. Please kindly advise on what to do.
    Thank you.

  49. Hi,
    Are there other IOM centres apart from those in Lagos and Abuja for those in South South. Tnx as I expect an urgent response.

  50. Good morning I miss my appointment have be calling the customer care number for more than three weeks it not connecting I don’t know what to do anymore have made payment Pls I need ur help urgent have sent mail know reply 07035756217

  51. @Amaka pls when fill the application online is not showing account number pls can you give the the account number I need this certificate urgently please.

  52. Good morning. I have been trying to register I, my wife and 4 kids on IOM but it seems only 4 slots are available. I have tried it severally but it keeps show info of only 4 members. What do I do pls.
    Thank you

  53. Hi Amaka,
    I did my TB test but I needed further investigation so I had to to sputum for 3days and I was told the result ll take 8-10weeks…but I went to clinix to reconfirm their finding but it came out negative, went back to the doctor as recommended by their staff but he insisted…. The result will not meet up with my school resumption..Pkease advise on what I can do?

    1. Hello im also having this issue! Waiting for the 10 weeks for the result of the sputum test will not meet up with my work resumption date. Can anybody advice me on what to do???
      @Amaka pls help!!!!!!!!

      1. Hi, I’m not sure what you can do about this. However, I’ll ask some people. If I get any positive response, I’ll be sure to let you know by dropping another comment. I suggest you take the sputum test already so the weeks start counting while looking for a time-friendly alternative.

        Also, reach out to your company and ask if your resumption date can be pushed forward considering the current challenge.
        I wish you the best.

      2. Hi Adeola and Cado,
        Someone that had a similar challenge said to go to St. Nicholas Clinic if you are in Lagos. She initially did with IOM and the result was inconclusive. So she went to St. Nicholas and her result came out OK.

  54. Hello Miss Uzoamaka. I want to know if the Benin centre is approved by UKVI for TB test? I am in Owerri, I am considering going to Benin for the TB test .Will the result be accepted by the Embassy? Thanks

  55. Good day, my TB TEST certificate is expiring today 6th of August 2023, and I’m about applying for my visa on Wednesday 9th of August 2023, please do I need to redo the test in order to get a new certificate or is the old one still valid for some weeks?

  56. I have been trying to book for an appointment since on the 5th of August 2023, but on the application form United kingdom is not includes in the country listed, please am I supposed to pay before filling the booking form or what?

  57. Hello miss Uzoamaka, is IOM Benin Tuberculosis test centre for UK Visa located at No 1 Frederick Ilekhuoba Close.
    Off Boundary Road, GRA, Benin city accredited . And when did it commence operation.

  58. Kindly advice on what to do, I scheduled tb test for 14th of august and I sent my proof of payment and data page as mail to iom Isaac John Ikeja, I got a mail with a ticket no. Does this mean that my appointment has been confirmed

    1. I am having the same issue…my appointment was yesterday 14th of august but I couldn’t do it because I don’t have an appointment letter yet …am still waiting

  59. I want to apply for TB test in Benin city IOM office, but it’s not listed in the UK website, it’s just Lagos and Abuja IOM office that is listed there. Can I do the test at the IOM office in Benin city? Will the test be accepted by the Uk Govt. Since it’s not listed on their website?

    1. I don’t even know too and I’m trying to know. She’s saying it’s approved but it’s not on their official website. I jus want Lady Uzoamaka to confirm throughly if the TB test result will be accepted

  60. Greetings. Please i’m trying to book for my self, wife and 2 kids ( 3 yrs and 1yr). I have inputted my mine and my wife’s details successfully but when i input any of my kids details, it keeps telling me that anybody under 18 years can’t book an appointment. Please what do i do?

  61. Hy Uzoamaka, pls I’m trying to book appointment for IOM TB test and after filling all the necessary information, I wasn’t given any account details to pay into, I was only given the price to pay but no account details, pls how do I go about it because my appointment is on Monday and I don’t want to cancel it again, as I already cancelled one earlier

  62. My IOM TB certificate came out as abnormal though no trace of TB was found in the chest x-ray. I was told I have mild cardiomegaly. How will this impact on my UK visa application?

  63. Hello, please will the address on TB certificate affect visa application? Can someone choose a temporary address while booking tuberculosis test if the person isn’t sure of the address yet

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