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How to book medical test for Australia visa application, approved clinics & cost

medical test for Australia visa in Nigeria
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For most applicants, a medical test is one of the requirements for processing an Australian visa from Nigeria. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about completing a medical test for Australia visa from Nigeria. Starting with…

Where you can get a medical test for Australian visa

The Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs appoints panel physicians to carry out medical tests for visa applicants. After your medical examination, the panel physician will send your result and make a recommendation to the Department. So, for your test result to get to them, you have to do your test with one of their approved panel physicians. 

Below are the approved panel physicians authorised to carry out medical tests for Australia visa in Nigeria.

1. IOM Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC), Lagos

AddressContact details
IOM Migration Health Assessment Centre

No 1, Isaac John Street (corner of Oduduwa Way). GRA, Ikeja

Phone number:
+234 (0) 80 2226 4059
+234 (0) 90 9215 6079
+234 (0) 90 9999 1256
+234 01 465 6600 (Call Centre) 

Operating hours:

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 4:30pm

Friday: 7am – 11am



2. Dr A A Fatayi-Williams Clinic, Lagos


AddressContact details
8A Adetokunbo Ademola Street (off Ozumba Mbadiwe Road), Victoria Island (beside Grand Square Mall) ​Phone:

+234 0 808 100 9943
+234 0 808 100 9944
+234 0 134 292 00
+234 0 705 174 0601 (Practice Manager)


3. The Consultants Practice, Lagos

AddressContact details
25 Raymond Njoku Street (off Awolowo Way)

Ikoyi, Lagos.


+234 706 585 9845
+234 809 354 0899



Operating hours:
Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

4. IOM Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC), Abuja

AddressContact details
No. 55, Hassan Musa Katsina Road

(at the junction of Hassan Musa Katsina Road and J-K Gadzama Street)


Phone numbers:

+234 (0) 807 219 1122
+234 (0) 809 563 7898
+234 (0) 808 522 1427
+234 (0) 703 289 8491​
+234 09 460 58400 (Call Centre)

Operating hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 5:30pm

Friday: 8am – 12am



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How do I book a medical appointment for Australia visa in Nigeria?

To schedule an appointment for your medical test with IOM, click here: book medical appointment for Australia visa and follow the prompts. You will be required to choose your country of departure (Nigeria) and destination (Australia), which of their centres you’d prefer (Lagos or Abuja) and fill in a couple of details.

To book an appointment with the Consultants Practice, click here: Australia immigration medical, read the information on that page then click on request appointment. You can also call the clinic to fix an appointment. When calling to schedule an appointment, please have your HAP ID handy and the date(s) you’d like to visit the clinic for your medical examination. 

For Dr A A Fatayi-Williams Clinic, Lagos, call or send an email to the clinic. If you are in Lagos, you can also visit the clinic to book an appointment. 

If you’re a female applicant, try not to schedule your appointments three days before or after your menstrual period because it might affect the required urine test.

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How much does the medical exam cost for Australia visa?

The cost of a medical exam for your Australia visa application depends on your age, the type and category of visa you are applying for, and the clinic you decide to use. Below is the cost at IOM.

AgePermanent/ provisional visa ()Temporary visa ()
Below 2 years34,50034,500
2 – 4 years old54,00034,500
5 – 1056,50036,500
11 -1440,50040,500
15 years and above46,50046,500


Visa categoryFee (₦)
Health Care46,500
Aged visitor36,500


Below is the cost at the Consultants Practice.

AgePermanent visaTemporary visa
Below 12 years50,000
Child 95,000 

N.B.: Please note that additional fees may apply if further medical investigation has to be conducted or if any vaccination has to be administered.

How to pay

To make payment, make a bank transfer to the appropriate account. See the table below for the account details of IOM and the Consultants practice clinics.

IOM MHAC AbujaIOM MHAC LagosThe Consultant Practice
Bank nameStandard Chartered BankStandard Chartered BankGuaranty Trust Bank
Account NameInternational Organisation for MigrationInternational Organisation for MigrationThe Consultants Practice
Account number000184700200018552560112714630
SWIFT Code/BIC068080017068080017

For IOM, you are requested to have made payment at least 2 days before your scheduled appointment.

What documents are required for Australian visa medical test?

When going to the clinic for your test, go with the following documents:

  1. Valid HAP ID
  2. Valid original passport
  3. Previous vaccination record (if any)
  4. Spectacles or contact lenses (if any)
  5. Information about your visa subclass
  6. Full immunisation records for children aged 7 years and below
  7. Child health and development record for children (if available)
  8. E-medical referral letter (you’ll get this from the Australian immigration website)
  9. Copies of medical reports and tests for any significant current or previous medical conditions (if any)
  10. Details of the visa office where you lodged your application.
  11. Proof of payment

Questions people also ask

What medical checks are done for Australia visa?

  • Full physical examination to evaluate your physical and mental status
  • Urine analysis (for applicants aged 5 and above)
  • Chest X-ray (for applicants agent 11 and above
  • Tuberculosis test
  • COVID-19
  • HIV test (for permanent visa applicants aged 15 and above and healthcare workers) 
  • Blood test for syphilis, Hepatitis B and C (for healthcare workers).

Why do they do urine test for Australian visa?

To diagnose any undetected disease that could make the applicant medically inadmissible into Australia.

What happens if you fail a medical examination for Australian visa?

Your visa application could be refused. However, if you do not meet the health requirements of your visa, a health waiver may be exercised if you meet other eligibility criteria for your visa. Terms and conditions apply.

Can we get an Australian visa without a medical test?

Not everyone who applies for an Australian visa will be required to complete a medical test. If you are not required to do a medical test, then you can get your visa without a medical test. Otherwise, you have to do the test.

What are the medical reasons for visa rejection in Australia?

Medical conditions that could pose a risk to the public health and safety of other people or result in significant healthcare costs could serve as a basis for visa refusal. HIV, tuberculosis,* hepatitis, cancer, major heart issues, mental illnesses are examples of such health conditions. 

* Tuberculosis can be treated. So even if you have TB, you can complete your treatment and reapply. 

How long does it take to process Australia visa from Nigeria?

The processing time for an Australian visa depends on the visa program and visa category. To get an idea of how long it will take for your visa to be processed, you can use this tool: Australian visa processing time guide.

How long is a medical exam valid for immigration Australia?

Your medical examination results will remain valid for 12 months.

Curious to know what happens after you have completed your medical examinations? Click here: What happens after your health examination.

Got any more questions related to completing a medical test for Australia visa in Nigeria? Ask in the comments section below. 

Good luck with your application!

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