July 15, 2024
Benefits of travelling alone

There is a lot going on in the world at the same time. If you ever want an escape from the noise and rat race, travelling solo could be exactly what you need. If you’re used to travelling in a group or yet to travel abroad for the first time, you may find yourself wondering what the benefits of travelling alone are compared to travelling with people. I spoke with a couple of people who have travelled solo to know if they think it is a good idea. Below are some of the benefits of travelling solo that they shared with me.

Advantages of travelling alone

1. It is easy to plan

If you have ever tried planning a group trip, you’d agree with me that it could be draining. You have to consider everyone’s schedule, when they can take their annual leave, what everyone wants to do, budget, accommodation preferences, food preferences, etc. At the end of the day, analysis paralysis may set in, and the trip never happens.

But if you are travelling alone, you don’t have to worry about all these because you’re concerned about only your needs and preferences.

2. You get to do the things you’d really love to

When you travel with a group, you do what every other person is doing- even if it doesn’t interest you or you’re not in the mood for it.

I remember my friend telling me how she had to go on a boat cruise and visit a museum when she travelled with some of her friends, meanwhile neither of these activities interest her. If she had travelled alone, I’m sure she would have spent more time doing the things she loves.

When you travel alone, you get to do what you want, when you want and for how long you want to. In other words, travelling alone comes with less restrictions and more flexibility.

3. You can easily stick to your budget

When you see people you are on a trip with buying souvenirs, trying out different dishes or doing something you find appealing- but haven’t planned for, it’s easy to feel pressured to do the same thing so you don’t feel left out. Before you know it, you’ve gone above your budget by an extra $100 – $200.

But this is rarely the case when you travel alone.

On solo trips, you are less aware of what other people are doing. The chances of you spending on things so you don’t feel left out is low.

4. You will be motivated to meet new people

You get to make new friends. When travelling alone, there is a higher probability that you will find yourself conversing with a stranger and people will be open to approaching you because you don’t have company. – Joanne

And who knows what such discussions can lead to?

One time, I read someone share on LinkedIn how she got one of her highest-paying clients while on a solo vacation. She was having breakfast at the dinning area of the hotel she was lodged in and decided to engage in a conversation with two of the guests she met at there. While they were chatting, she talked about what she does and coincidentally, they were looking to hire someone for the service she provides. She shared her portfolio with them, they really loved it, and she was hired for the gig on the spot.

I imagine that if she was travelling with a group, she would have been having breakfast with people she was on the trip with and wouldn’t walk up to strangers to strike a conversation with them.

Meeting new people on your trip and chatting with them helps you learn more about other places and peoples. If some of those people are locals, they could provide you with the best tour experience and help you overcome any cultural barriers you may have otherwise encountered.

N.B.: When chatting with strangers on a solo trip, sensor the information you share for your safety.

5. Travelling alone is liberating

Put a finger up if you have ever thought of packing your things, moving to a place where no one knows you and starting a new life☝🏼. If you put your finger up, try travelling alone.

Even if you don’t want to run away from your life but just feel like taking a break from your present life, go on a solo vacation. You’d feel liberated and recharged afterwards.

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Psychological benefits of travelling alone

Travelling alone also offers some psychological benefits such as:

i. Opportunity to mentally declutter

In between thinking about work, family, your side hustle, and other things that make up your daily life, you may not give enough time to setting your priorities right and freeing yourself of unnecessary mental activities. But when you travel alone, you can finally have the time to. The result? You’ll feel clear headed, less stressed, and capable of making better decisions.

ii. You get to discover yourself

Because you spend more time with yourself while on a solo trip, you have more time to introspect; and oftentimes, with introspection comes self-discovery.

It could be a retreat of some sort cos you get to have ample time to yourself for reflection. – Joanne

iii. Self-love

Traveling alone has shown me that I can find joy in my own company. It’s made me comfortable with spending time alone and realizing it’s perfectly okay. – Fabio.

Benefits of travelling alone as a woman

In addition to the other advantages of travelling alone that we discussed earlier, some of the benefits of travelling alone as a woman include:

benefits of travelling alone as a woman

i. Enjoy quality alone time

If you are the primary caregiver in your household, travelling alone will give you the space to truly rest and focus on taking care of only yourself. By the time you are back from your trip, you’d feel like you went for therapy.

ii. Improves self-confidence and self-trust

When travelling alone, the onus of making decisions that affects you is entirely on you. Some people see this as a disadvantage of travelling alone.

But Lydia thinks otherwise;

“Having to make spontaneous decisions while travelling alone helped me improve my decision-making skills and trust myself a bit more. Before, I always felt the need to validate my decisions with someone before taking any actions. But since I started travelling alone, I noticed I do this less.

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Questions people also ask

Does travelling alone change you?

I’m sure travelling alone changes people positively. I from someone who said that deciding to go on solo adventures was one of the best decisions he ever made in his whole life because travelling alone helped him build trust he was lacking in himself

Do you get lonely travelling alone?

You could get lonely when travelling alone, especially if you are travelling alone for long. If you find out that you are beginning to feel lonely or bored while on a solo trip, it may be an indication that you are not interacting with other people and exploring your location as much as you should.

Should I travel alone as a woman?

It could be worth travelling solo as woman. It is a refreshing experience. However, when travelling alone as a woman, be extra security cautious.

Is it better to travel alone or with someone?

Both are equally great options because they each have their unique advantages. But I’d say that before you make a decision on whether to travel solo or with someone, imagine how you’d love your trip to go, and which will better serve your desires.

What are your thoughts on travelling alone? Are there some benefits that I did not mention? Please share with us in the comments section below. I’d love to read from you.

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